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Books, Beards, Booze

Nov 25, 2020

Just letting you guys know we are alive, and will be starting this back up as soon as it is safe for us to do so.

Apr 29, 2020

Bob fills you in on what's going on in light of all this covid brouahaha, and then rambles for a bit.

Mar 25, 2020

We're back! Season 4 has begun, with this, our episode where we do a deep dive into the weird west genre. This year we are going to tackle a different genre of fantasy each month, as well as generally just talk about whatever we feel like! Enjoy!

Dec 25, 2019

The gang gives out their award for the best Book, Booze, Beard, and Short Read of the year!

Dec 18, 2019

The gang dives in to this months short reads:

Swimming Apart By R.Z. Held

The Forge By...